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1   Link   Tams Witmark Music Library
This is the oldest operetta leasing establishment in the country and was at one time Herbert's primary publisher. All of the material to be found in what is known as the Tams-Princeton Collection in the Library of Congress came from this publishing house. They have retained a few of the more popular Herbert offerings as you can see above. This site will give you all the information you need on what they still retain and how to contact them.
2   Link   Luck's Music Library
This Michigan organization is a standard source of orchestral and band music and has 104 separate Herbert works including the lovely Irish Rhapsody the VHRP used to fill out the evening of Eileen last Spring. This site will give you all the information you need as to exactly what they still retain and how to contact them. 800-348-8749
3   Link   Educational Music Services
Educational Music Service is the leading supplier of purchasable, printed music to North America's symphony orchestras, opera companies, colleges & universities, choral groups, libraries, churches and schools. This great company is easy to work with and has a surprising number (41) of Herbert works available. This site will give e you all the information you need as to exactly what they still retain and how to contact them. 845-469-5790
4   Link   Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., Inc.
This is a publishing company which deals alot with public domain music and has 39 separate Herbert works. One of their staff members is currently working on computerizing "Panamericana", working from photocopies of the actual Victor Herbert Orchestra parts. This site will give you all the information you need as to exactly what they still retain and how to contact them. 800-434-6340
5   Link   Graeme Music
Specializing in high-quality reprints of hard-to-find scores, this father/son organization has some really interesting scores available. Most importantly, Constantine Grame's edition of the original "Babes" libretto is now available along with a high-quality reprint of the *original* vocal score. This is the best version I've seen if you wish to read Babes the way it was originally presented. And now Constantine is computerizing the original Babes scores - watch Shop VHSource as each individual song becomes available or contact Constantine if you have a particular orchestral need for Babes.
6   Link   Quade Winter
One of VHS's reliable creators of orchestral scores and parts along with matching Piano vocals, this is a way to reach performance materials creator Quade Winter directly. After significant years as an Opera performer, Quade turned his interest to both new translations and original work in the field of both opera and operetta. He has scores and orchestral parts available for three complete Herbert operettas as well much more.
7   Link   WVD Press
Pete Dorwart is the tallest cello player I have ever met and a really great guy who runs a music publishing business when he isn't making gorgeous furniture on the side. Pete's Naughty Marietta from the original Herbert scores has now been played down two times, once by The Little Orchestra Society in NYC and again in San Jose, CA. There is a rumor floating around that Tams-Witmark is no longer renting the original Naughty Marietta. Pete's computerized version is sound and the real thing as opposed to a touring version. Currently his piano vocal and score order follow the new version by The Victor Herbert Renaissance Project. However, a spruced up original version is also available from VHSource and can use the same scores. He also is the source of the original Cyrano de Bergerac scores and parts if you have a desire to tinker with that score. There is NO original Cyrano libretto. He may have other opera/operetta scores and parts that you are looking for.
8   Link   John ("Don") O'Shea
John O'Shea ("Don") has computerized original orchestrations for the following Babes In Toyland songs: Never Mind Bopeep, I Can't Do the Sum, Barney O'Flynn, With Down Cast Eyes, Go to Sleep, Slumber Deep, Jane, He Won't Be Happy, Floretta, Toyland, Song of the Poet, and March of the Toys. He worked directly from LOC original scores and can provide you with either a new version created by him or the individual original songs. Visit his website for more information and to contact him directly.
9   Link   VPC Music Master
The "Music Master" binding system was designed by 3M and VPC in response to a need by the Music Industry. This special tape process will easily and securely bind sheets of music that will:
- Lie flat on the music stand
- Nearly eliminate page turning noise
- Copy flat on the photocopier
Just what you need if purchasing pdf music.
10   Link   CoLibri Systems, LLC
CoLibri is a system to cover all types of books and publications, and protect, seal and conserve documents, photographs, plans and objects. Scores, old sheet music, parts, piano/vocals, any document you wish to preserve in archival material which is removalable at any time so no material is ever damage in the process. Contact Duane A. Thomas listed under the E-Mail Contacts on this site.
11   Link   Canton Comic Opera Company
Canton Comic Opera Company has a nice collection of restored American operettas available for rental including Victor Herbert's The Only Girl, The Rose of Algeria and the Paul Whiteman version of Herbert's Suite of Serenades. They rent full scores, parts, librettos, piano/vocal scores and stage manager's guides.
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