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1   Link   Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has a huge amount of material including the following:
Three distinct collections -
1. The Original Herbert Collection,which contains most operetta scores, many librettos, some parts, letters, papers, Herbert's personal music collection, etc.
2. An older small Tams Witmark Collection which contains almost all of Natoma and a few other wonderful gems including The Serenade and
3. A new very large Tams Witmark/Princeton Collection which contains the vast majority of all operettas ever published by Tams-Witmarl from the 1870s forward into the 20s.
If you wish materials from the collection, e-mail Alyce Mott both for information as to what exactly might be found here and/or a Victor Herbert Foundation permission letter which is needed for photocopying LOC materials.
2   Link   Ed Glazier
I know Ed only through the Internet although hopefully we'll meet one of these days. He knows alot about Herbert discography. He's located on the West Coast and may be able to answer your recording questions.
3   Link   The North Carolina Symphony
This is the best example of an organization working with the VHRP and saving a wonderful piece of music known as "Royal Sec," a frothy waiters' gallop sort of piece written in the late 1880s utilizing champagne corks, glasses clinkling and even a shouted toast at the end. These computerized parts were created directly from the orignal 1888 hand written parts found in the Library of Congress.
4   Link   Ohio Light Opera Company
This wonderful institution in Wooster, Ohio has been doing operettas for 25 year and has now done four Herberts: Eileen, The Red Mill and Sweethearts each with a little libretto tweaking, and Naughty Marietta and recorded each offering the recordings both on and their own web site. Be aware that each of these recordings includes all dialogue from the show so if you're thinking of doing one of their versions you can hear it all.
5   Link   Ward Irish Music Archives
Established in 1992, the Ward Irish Music Archives houses the largest public collection of Irish music in America. It is named after John J. Ward Jr., father of Irish Fest founder Ed Ward. The archive currently consists of more than 40,000 Irish recordings and pieces of music memorabilia ranging from rare 78 rpm's, LP's and sheet music to song books, instruments, and concert memorabilia. Many of the archives items are extremely difficult to find today.
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